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BSLS is honored as a recipient of the Houston 34th Mayor's Proud Partner Award

Updated: Oct 22, 2022


Nonprofit Awards, Big Sister Little Sister Mentoring Program (BSLS)

The Big Sister Little Sister Mentoring Program was recognized in the 34th year Houston's Mayor's Proud Partner Award. BSLS was recognized for the demonstration of its civic pride at its finest. Recipients of this award were chosen by a select committee who seek organizations who have gone above and beyond in programs or projects which benefit the community in a variety of ways. The ideal recipients are those who have demonstrated diversity in benefits to:

  • Youth

  • Broad-based community support

  • Environmental stewardship

  • Beautification or landscaping

  • Neighborhood revitalization or cleanups

  • Long-term durability/sustainability

  • Active volunteer support and participation or employee activity above and beyond routine tasks

  • Educational programs

  • Recycling initiatives

It is clear that BSLS has and continues to make a positive, lasting impact while giving back to the City of Houston’s environment through this award.

BSLS is a Houston Mayor's Proud Partner

There were many keynote speakers thanking the partner recipients for their work in the community including the Mayor of Houston Himself, Sylvestor Turner.

BSLS is proud and honored to be recognized for our ongoing efforts to make professional development, personal development, wellness, and environmental awareness as part of our mission and purpose. We are committed to making our members, communities, schools, and workplaces greener while teaching members the important role they play in sustainability and energy conservation.

BSLS continues to make a difference with its programs and events from donors like yourself, please help us keep our programs going by supporting us. Donate Now

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