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Big Sister Little Sister Mentoring Program, BSLS, a nonprofit organization geared towards impacting women, youth, and communities nationwide. We strive to make a positive and long-lasting impact on K-12 schools, college campuses, and college-bound girls. BSLS empowers, educates, and encourages.


BSLS is a hub for influential young women primarily of color who are shifting challenging barriers and impacting society globally to connect, collaborate and change through the empowerment of mentorship that is equitable to Success Through Sisterhood. 


Big Sister Little Sister (BSLS) mentoring program aims to mitigate these systemic glass ceilings.  We do this by promoting self-confidence, life skills, personal empowerment, and education.


 We define success as:

1. Reduce college attrition rates for girls and women of color

2. Grow lifetime leaders

3. Cultivate and nurture sisterhood 


Additionally, our organization provides unwavering support for all members to achieve and maintain academic excellence. Our focus and vision are to continue: Impacting Women, Youth, and Communities Globally.

BSLS was honored at the 2018 Mayor's Proud Partners Award for our community impact in the Houston area and BSLS is a Top-Rated Nonprofit.


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Our Mission

To inspire and empower youth and women to intentionally excel in all endeavors.

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Our Vision

To become a staple in communities, campuses and workplaces globally by ensuring youth and women that enters BSLS is supported and guided to distinguish themselves while reaching their optimal potential.

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BSLS is a proud recipient of the 2018 Houston 34th Mayor's Proud Partner Award

for our service to our community 

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