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Big Sister Little Sister Mentoring Program, a nonprofit organization geared towards impacting women and communities nationwide. Big Sister Little Sister is a mentoring program for women that promotes self-confidence, life skills, and social appropriateness by way of invigorating programs and projects. We strive to make a positive and long-lasting impact on college campuses and for college-bound girls. BSLS empowers, educates, and encourages all women.


BSLS has five goals:
1. Reduce college attrition rates for women and girls globally 
2. Instill necessary skills to dominate their field of choice and beyond
3. Grow lifetime leaders
4. Cultivate and nurture a sisterhood across differing cultural identities
5. Improve society to create a healthy environment in every aspect
(socially, emotionally, creatively, academically, mentally, physically, financially and environmentally)


Additionally, our organization provides unwavering support for all members to achieve and maintain academic excellence. We are also committed to serving our local communities via community service and engagement, uplifting our youth, and providing resources that inspire our women and youth. Our focus and vision are to continue: Impacting Women and Communities Nationwide

BSLS was honored at the 2018 Mayor's Proud Partners Award for our community impact in the Houston  area. We were also a 2018 Top-Rated Nonprofit.








Our Mission

To inspire all women to remain empowered, excel academically, aspire to be fearless while being and having a mentor that will hold you accountable to live life with a purpose.

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Our Vision

To mentor all and become a staple in communities, campuses and workplaces globally by ensuring every woman that enters BSLS is supported and guided to further develop personally and

professionally via key factors: socially, emotionally, creatively, academically, mentally,

physically and financially.

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