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Donate Today, Change A Life

With your support, BSLS can cultivate, develop, and implement a society of youth and women that continues to believe that their dreams can become a reality through programs and events that mitigate glass ceilings for more opportunities to access, awareness, and hands-on experiences. Your investment will help us create a world where all girls grow up safe, respected, and valued. Plus, your donation supports a cause you care about while you also receive tax-benefits. 

Collectively, we can increase the number of girls and young women who have the opportunity to elevate untapped potential into skills and talents that will break barriers to achieve new levels and blossoming lifetime leaders.

Want to maximize your giving? You can find out if your company participates in a workplace giving program and you can make a donation through your company's giving program to BSLS. If you don't see the Big Sister Little Sister Mentoring Program listed on your company's workplace giving platform? Please, send us an email at

Already gave and want to receive a tax-deductible letter? Email us at

Donate below through our electronic giving platforms or see below on how to mail your donation gift.

BSLS receives and manages your gift solely for the benefit of BSLS and its programs. BSLS is a 501(c)(3) organization and donations are tax-deductible.

BSLS is now accepting cryptocurrency donations!


Your car donation to Big Sister Little Sister Mentoring Program can help us to continue to provide valuable mentoring and programs that support to youth and women in need. We make it easy for you to donate your car by providing simple steps to follow. Your donation will not only provide you with a tax deduction, but the knowledge that you are contributing to the well-being and success of our mission in your community. Thank you for considering a donation to BSLS!

• BSLS Vehicle Donation Web Page:

• BSLS Vehicle Donation Toll-Free Number: 855-500-7433 | 855-500-RIDE

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You can contribute to our cause using donor-advised funds through this link here. Participating organizations are: Fidelity Charitable®, Schwab Charitable®, and the BNY Mellon Charitable.

Your commitment makes a tremendous difference in our communities nationally.


Send the Big Sister Little Sister Mentoring Program a Donation By Mail:

Download Donation Form

Please make all checks, money orders, and cashier's checks payable to BSLS, Inc. or Big Sister Little Sister Mentoring Program

Texas Office 

PO Box 300025

Houston, TX 77230


California Office

PO Box 252

Beverly Hills, CA 90213


We Need Your Support

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