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FSU BSLS: Why join Big Sister Little Sister Mentoring Program?

Our amazing BSLS FSU members who we refer to as queens are stating why they joined Big Sister Little Sister Mentoring Program (BSLS) and what they love about the organization! Find out how you can join FSU BSLS at or get BSLS at your school or work by e-mailing

BSLS is open to all women and people to get involved. This is one of our Florida chapters. We are an official non profit organization. We are a match mentoring program. visit for more information! We have events, fundraisers, community service projects and/or meetings monthly. Our mission is: “To inspire all women to remain empowered, excel academically, aspire to be self-sufficient while being and having a mentor that will hold you accountable to live life with a purpose. Our motto is: Success through sisterhood!

Like and write your comments below about this video or comment where you would like to see BSLS at. Thank you!

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